Wednesday, November 4, 2009


welcome, and thank you for being.
before i begin, i'd like to catch you up a little bit. my name is Gabriel Joaquim Vieira. I was born in Oakland, California to wonderful, caring parents, and raised with love and affection and support. as a baby, i was fond of staring in wonder at falling leaves, or the light streaming in the window, or pretty much anything else, for hours on end. i know this to be true, because my parents filmed me doing it, also for hours, fascinated by my simple joy and wonder. i imagine that behind the camera, they were looking at me in much the same way that i was looking at the world, filled with love and admiration. this combination of my natural delight and wonder at the world around me and the loving support of my parents has led me to where i am today, following my dreams, enjoying every moment of my life as much as i possibly can, knowing always that i am loved and that i am full of love.
it was not always easy to be a lover of the world. human society has gone so far astray, so out of rythm and harmony with the earth, ourselves, and each other, that the simple acts of wonder, imagination, playfulness and self-confidence, are deemed strange, even threatening. from what i can remember of my early childhood, which is not a great deal, i did not fit in well with other children, nor did i particularly care. i wore my rainboots on the wrong feet every day of elementary school until the fourth grade. although there have been times in my life when i thought that i wanted to fit in, to be like other kids, i have never wanted it enough to be able to really change myself to fit in. i have always stayed more or less true to myself, even when i didnt want to. i knew deep down that if i could just be myself, fully and truly, that i would be loved. i realize more and more that i knew this because my parents told me, and showed me, that it was true.
i have come now to a place of deep self love, of clarity and strength and focus, of an ever deepening awareness of my own power. i have come to realize that i am an angel, a magical creative being incarnate into this physical body in order to guide others to this same awareness in themselves. it is from this place that i embark on my journey to the virgin islands. in two days i will begin a long awaited process of personal transformation. i will step onto a path of learning and growth that i will build for myself, laying every stone before i step on it. i have built, with a lot of help, a strong foundation for my life, and now i will learn to build a house. i have laid out the plots in my garden, built the fences and structures, tilled the land, and now it is time to plant the seeds. Gaia calls their degree a bachelors degree in integrative ecosocial design. i call my program a bachelors degree in love, with minor concentrations in the healing arts, childhood education, and human/earth relations.
i would be honored if you would like to follow me as i begin this journey. if you are reading this, there is an excellent chance that i love you very deeply, and i am very grateful to you for all your affection, support, and encouragement. may you be blessed always, and may we meet again in love and celebration.


P.S. if you happen to have given birth to me, or been involved in my conception, i would like to extend you a special thanks. thank you so much for everything, for all the love and support, and for all the opportunities. you have bothed worked so hard to bring me where i am today, and i am eternally grateful. thank you for buying my food, giving me a house to live in, sending me to college twice, thank you for playing with me and reading to me and giving me hugs and kisses. thank you for being there for me when i needed someone to talk to. thank you for sending me to circus classes, and camp winnarainbow. thank you for pushing me, for worrying about me, for criticizing and teaching and guiding me. thank you for loving and accepting me. thank you thank you thank you. i love you always.

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  1. Gavriel, you are welcome and welcome and welcome. Thank you for all you have taught me in the long years in which you didn't know that you were doing that, and since then, for the stuff you know is very hard for me to learn. Go with my blessing and love always.