Saturday, November 7, 2009

flight of fancy

its really happening now. i know because i am on the plane. what i still dont know is what its going to be like when i get there. will i get a taxi easily? do people speak english? will i like the people i'm working with?what will the farm be like? i imagine a round common building with a pitched roof, warm and inviting, with rough wooden beams and colorful decorations. i imagine my campsite, underneath a big tree on an east facing hill, with a view of the sunrise over the ocean.i can see all the friendly, excited people, caring for the earth, working the land. i can feel the dirt in my hands, but its elusive. this is no redwood forest, there is no redwood duff here, no redwood dirt. this is the rainforest. what is the dirt like here? wetter, i imagine, black and wet and fresh and full of life, teeming with life. what wonders will spring forth from this rich black dirt? a whole new world of colors and sounds and smells awaits me. i can hear and see and smell it, but its all vague, like a half remembered dream. all the people there are living their lives right now, the human people running around frantically, most of them, trying to make a living, working hard to barely survive, while the animal people just live, working hard of course, but never knowing it. and in a few short hours, my life, my universe will collide with theirs, and all of our lives will be changed forever.

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