Monday, November 16, 2009


hello my beautiful loved ones, thank you so much for being alive, for being in my life, for being yourselves. i am doing well, still learning intensely and passionately inspired by everything. as the excitement of week one wears off however, im starting to miss home. i miss having the security with people that can only come from time. no matter how much i love my new friends here, ive known all of them for only one week. i find myself wanting to be close and intimate immediately, and jealous of their intimacy with each other. its not realistic of course, intimacy takes time, and work, and i just got here. still, it hurts a little not to have that comfort. its also a little frightening to be readjusting, reorganizing, and rethinking my life so radically. i think i may be a farmer, a designer, an earth doctor. this may be my lifes work. but that seems so disconnected to the rest of my life, such a big jump. where am i? where am i going? big questions, lots of answers. i send all of you my love, so much of it, all the time, and i know youre sending me yours as well. thank you for everything, stay blessed, stay safe, take care of each other.

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