Thursday, November 12, 2009

on designing your life

i am in the process of learning to design in a holistic way, a way that mimics the systems of nature in order to use energy efficiently, to get the most reward from the least effort, and to put all elements in a system in beneficial relationships with each other. i am learning to identify patterns and apply them to specific situations. i am learning to observe and to plan and to set goals articulately and clearly. all these are factors of permaculture design, the design of healthy regenerative ecosystems that yeild abundance for all the people involved, human, plant, animal, water, earth. and, these are tools that can be used in the internal realm as well. the mind is an ecosystem, a system built up over time of many interconnected parts that interact according to patterns. i feel that i have different organisms living within my mind, different selves, and that in designing my life it is my goal to put these organisms and elements into beneficial relationships with one another. a monoculture of dreams will quickly suck up resources, and does not provide a closed loop system, and a monoculture of skepticism, reason, and groundedness does not provide me with nourishment. how can i arrange and design these elements to my advantage? where do i put my self-critical voice? how do i water my inner child? what is the climate like in here? how is the land shaped? where is my source of water? and then, in the external realm, i can design how that whole self, synergistically much more than the sum of all those parts, an abundant, holistic, self perpetuating system, interacts with other selves, systems larger than itself. i can design my relationships, my experience, always leaving plenty of room for uncertainty, change, and growth. this is my journey here.

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