Thursday, November 26, 2009


i give thanks for this driving rain, pounding down on the roof above us, playing its music
i give thanks for the roof that keeps us dry, and for the company of other light beings, beautiful souls who warm my heart
i give thanks for deep and meaningful conversation, for connection and intimacy
i give thanks to my family, for their constant love and support in all my adventures
i give thanks to my mother, who has always showered me with love, tucked me in safe at night, sang to me and worried about me and provided for me. i give thanks for my mother.
i give thanks for my father, for his strength, for teaching me that men have emotions, that feelings are precious and true. i give thanks for my father.
i give thanks for my brother, my constant companion, such a bright light in a dark world. i give thanks for his spirit, his generosity, and his sharp and critical understanding.
i give thanks for my beautiful grandmothers, that their love and support is still with me, that they are open and interested in understanding and supporting my journey.
i give thanks for the love and wisdom that has come down to me through my grandfathers, and through their fathers and mothers, and through all the elders and ancestors that have taught me.
i give thanks for the love and support of my extended family, for all of my cousins and uncles and aunts, for all the love and laughter and enjoyment we have shared. i give thanks to have had such a close knit family in my life.
i give thanks for learning, for new growth, for challenges and for lessons.
i give thanks for the sea urchin spines in my feet, for reminding me to take care of myself from the bottom up.
i give thanks to the ocean, for calming and holding and rejuvenating me.
i give thanks for my beautiful, loving, committed, honest, intelligent, creative, excited, articulate, fascinating, silly, partner, for all of her love and support, and for her excitement to be taking on this journey with me.
i give thanks for the trees that live here, breathing and creating oxygen, providing homes for countless beings.
i give thanks for all the cockroaches and flies and millipedes and crazy ants that live in this sacred place, for doing their jobs in this ecosystem, and for teaching us all patience.
i give thanks for cooking, for getting together to share food and to give thanks.
i give thanks for music, for sound, for the ability to sing with the universe and hear the universe sing with me.
i give thanks for the mentors that have come to me, and those that will come in the future, for guiding me on this path through life.
i give thanks for tools, for structures and ideas that help organize and design life.
i give thanks for mindfulness, for the wonder and joy with which i have been blessed
i give thanks for rainbows.
i give thanks for challenges, for internal confusion and doubt and fear, and for the lessons that they bring into my life.
i give thanks for the world, in all its fucked up glory, for being the ultimate testing ground of the power of love.
i give thanks to every being, every particular miracle of existence in the entire universe. we are all eternally in this together, and im glad youre in it with me.
i give thanks for sex positive role models and writers, who have helped me to enjoy my body and my pleasure free of shame.
i give thanks for sex.
i give thanks for touch, of all kinds, loving and freindly and supportive and healing and vital to life.
i give thanks for all the people who are working so hard to create a better world.
i give thanks to the children, for carrying the light with which they were born.
i give thanks to my childrens childrens childrens childrens childrens children, for giving me a reason to work for a better world.

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  1. Gabriel, belated congratulations on your graduation from the permaculture program, and Thanksgiving hugs from me! Love, Papa